Cala Tre Buchi

Monopoli, Bari (province) - Puglia, Italia

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Cala Tre Buchi, Monopoli

Famous for its crystalline waters and the surrounding rock formations, the splendid Cala Tre Buchi takes its name from the three caves located in the surrounding area. It is a very suggestive place appreciated by sea and nature lovers. Its secluded location and the beauty of the surrounding landscape make it an ideal destination to spend a day of relaxation and swimming.

Access to Cala Tre Buchi can be a bit challenging as it is located in a rocky area and does not have services such as bars or restaurants in the immediate vicinity. However, many people consider this to be its main charm, as it offers an authentic and natural experience.

If exploration is your thing, it is recommended to also visit the surrounding caves, which are accessible by sea. You can rent a boat or participate in an organized excursion to explore the caves and enjoy the spectacle of the rock formations and marine caves.

In general, Cala Tre Buchi is a wonderful place to visit if you are in the Monopoli or Bari area and want to discover the natural beauty of Apulia.

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Cala Tre Buchi (video from the web)

Cala Tre Buchi, video from the web

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