Spiaggia di Sottomarina, Chioggia 4 /5.0 (400)

Spiaggia di Sottomarina

Chioggia, Venezia (Veneto)
Spiaggia Libera di Rosolina Mare, Rosolina 4.2 /5.0 (522)

Spiaggia Libera di Rosolina Mare

Rosolina, Rovigo (Veneto)
Spiaggia di Ca' Vio, Cavallino-Treporti 4.5 /5.0 (230)

Spiaggia di Ca' Vio

Cavallino-Treporti, Venezia (Veneto)
Lido di Jesolo, Jesolo 4.2 /5.0 (640)

Lido di Jesolo

Jesolo, Venezia (Veneto)
Soleluna Spiaggia Barricata, Porto Tolle 4.5 /5.0 (640)

Soleluna Spiaggia Barricata

Porto Tolle, Rovigo (Veneto)
Spiaggia di Eraclea Mare, Eraclea 4.1 /5.0 (530)

Spiaggia di Eraclea Mare

Eraclea, Venezia (Veneto)
Spiaggia Libera Caorle, Caorle 4.5 /5.0 (110)

Spiaggia Libera Caorle

Caorle, Venezia (Veneto)
Spiaggia di Bibione, Bibione 4.5 /5.0 (5200)

Spiaggia di Bibione

Bibione, Venezia (Veneto)

Veneto Beaches

Discover Veneto and its best beaches

Veneto is a region in north-eastern Italy that is highly attractive to European and international tourism due to its diverse natural landscapes. Starting from the flatlands of Veneto-Friulian plain, the region extends to the mountainous terrain of the Euganean Hills, the Berici Hills, and the Alps, which cover the northernmost part of the region, including most of the Dolomites. The Venetian lake landscape is also stunning, with Lake Garda separating Veneto from Lombardy and featuring several internationally renowned amusement parks. The region is also home to charming small villages and major art cities like Verona and Venice. Additionally, Veneto boasts numerous natural parks and protected areas, including the Parco dei Colli Euganei, the Parco delle Dolomiti, the Lessinia Park, the Sile River Park, and the Delta del Po Park.

The region also features a distinctive marine landscape, with the Adriatic and the Venice Lagoon located in the south-eastern part of the region. Veneto's beaches are among the most popular destinations for beach tourism in Italy, characterized by a mild climate and fine sandy shores washed by calm seas with gently sloping bottoms. Whether equipped with beach resorts or left wild and free, Veneto's beaches often bear the Blue Flag label and are sufficiently diverse to cater to all types of preferences.

From the peaceful and romantic northern limit of the Venice Lagoon to the barren terrain typical of the Delta del Po in the province of Rovigo, the region offers a wide variety of options. Visitors can enjoy endless coastlines flanked by shady pine forests, such as in the cases of Bibione, Caorle, and Eraclea Mare. These clean and safe beaches, with their shallow waters and calm seas, are perfect for families with children, providing plenty of entertainment for the little ones while allowing adults to relax without worries. Caorle, in particular, features two main beaches: the 2.7 km-long Spiaggia di Levante and the 1.8 km-long Spiaggia di Ponente. The town also includes a beautiful lagoon, a protected natural area that offers enchanting sunset views. If you love unspoiled landscapes, the beach of Bibione is famous for establishing a no-smoking zone and welcoming four-legged friends.

On the other hand, those seeking nightlife, glamour, and international jet-set crowds can opt for the beaches of Jesolo and, further south, the Lido di Venezia. These beaches offer equipped establishments that stay open late into the night and provide top-notch services, ensuring endless fun and carefree enjoyment. The proximity to Venice also allows visitors to combine beach relaxation with cultural exploration. The Lido di Venezia features a nostalgic element with the so-called "capannina," a veranda-style cabin that is typical of early 20th-century privileged holiday homes.

Finally, heading further south, visitors can immerse themselves in the wonderful landscape of the Rovigo area, where the Adige River meets the Adriatic Sea. This is a perfect destination for those who want to escape crowded tourist areas, connect with nature, and discover the numerous animal and plant species of the region. From the exclusive Albarella Island to Rosolina Mare, the options here are as diverse as your preferences.

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