Spiaggia Ambrela, Pola (Pula) 4.4 /5.0 (1477)

Spiaggia Ambrela

Pola (Pula), Pola (Istria)
Spiaggia Pinižule, Medolino (Medulin) 4.6 /5.0 (850)

Spiaggia Pinižule

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Spiaggia Polje, Medolino (Medulin) 4.6 /5.0 (426)

Spiaggia Polje

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Spiaggia Polvanije, Medolino (Medulin) 4.8 /5.0 (440)

Spiaggia Polvanije

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Njive Beach, Medolino (Medulin) 4.5 /5.0 (1316)

Njive Beach

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Spiaggia Drazice, Medolino (Medulin) 4.6 /5.0 (189)

Spiaggia Drazice

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Spiaggia Školjić, Medolino (Medulin) 4.4 /5.0 (204)

Spiaggia Školjić

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)
Punta Kamenjak (Capo Promontore), Medolino (Medulin) 4.7 /5.0 (48)

Punta Kamenjak (Capo Promontore)

Medolino (Medulin), Pola (Istria)

Luka Beach

Pola (Pula), Pola (Istria)
Sveti Ivan Beach, Cherso (Cres) 4.8 /5.0 (470)

Sveti Ivan Beach

Cherso (Cres), Lussino (Litoraneo-Montana)
Porporela Beach, Veglia (Krk) 4.4 /5.0 (924)

Porporela Beach

Veglia (Krk), Isola di Krk (Litoraneo-Montana)
Spiaggia di Oprna, Ponte (Punat) 4.7 /5.0 (2251)

Spiaggia di Oprna

Ponte (Punat), Isola di Krk (Litoraneo-Montana)
Spiaggia Plieski, Lussinpiccolo (Mali Lošinj) 4.6 /5.0 (186)

Spiaggia Plieski

Lussinpiccolo (Mali Lošinj), Lussino (Litoraneo-Montana)
Spiaggia di Baška, Bescanuova (Baska) 4.5 /5.0 (6064)

Spiaggia di Baška

Bescanuova (Baska), Isola di Krk (Litoraneo-Montana)
Bakarun Beach, Sale (Sali) 4.2 /5.0 (4675)

Bakarun Beach

Sale (Sali), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Žitna, Zara (Zadar) 4.5 /5.0 (633)

Spiaggia Žitna

Zara (Zadar), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Brbiscica, Sale (Sali) 4.6 /5.0 (340)

Spiaggia Brbiscica

Sale (Sali), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Prasna, Sale (Sali) 4.3 /5.0 (32)

Spiaggia Prasna

Sale (Sali), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Bilotinjak, Nona (Nin) 4.6 /5.0 (866)

Spiaggia Bilotinjak

Nona (Nin), Zara (Zaratina)
Zaton Resort Beach, Nona (Nin) 4.5 /5.0 (1760)

Zaton Resort Beach

Nona (Nin), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Kraljičina, Nona (Nin) 4.4 /5.0 (2418)

Spiaggia Kraljičina

Nona (Nin), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Uvala Kukinica, Verchè (Vrsi) 4.7 /5.0 (72)

Spiaggia Uvala Kukinica

Verchè (Vrsi), Zara (Zaratina)
Kolovare Beach, Zara (Zadar) 4.3 /5.0 (4696)

Kolovare Beach

Zara (Zadar), Zara (Zaratina)
Karma Beach, Zara (Zadar) 4.5 /5.0 (213)

Karma Beach

Zara (Zadar), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Podbrig, Zara (Zadar) 4.5 /5.0 (388)

Spiaggia Podbrig

Zara (Zadar), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Lipauska, Bibigne (Bibinje) 4.5 /5.0 (192)

Spiaggia Lipauska

Bibigne (Bibinje), Zara (Zaratina)
Plaža Punta Rožica, Bibigne (Bibinje) 4.5 /5.0 (806)

Plaža Punta Rožica

Bibigne (Bibinje), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia Punta Bibinje, Bibigne (Bibinje) 4.5 /5.0 (335)

Spiaggia Punta Bibinje

Bibigne (Bibinje), Zara (Zaratina)
Spiaggia di San Giorgio, Capocesto (Primošten) 3.9 /5.0 (7)

Spiaggia di San Giorgio

Capocesto (Primošten), Sebenico (Sebenico e Tenin)

Spiaggia Corno d'Oro (Zlatni Rat)

Bol, Spalatino-dalmata (Dalmazia)
Spiaggia Podrače, Brela 4.8 /5.0 (539)

Spiaggia Podrače

Brela, Spalato (Spalatino-dalmata)
Spiaggia di Baska Voda, Bascavoda (Baška Voda) 4.7 /5.0 (451)

Spiaggia di Baska Voda

Bascavoda (Baška Voda), Spalatino-dalmata (Spalatino-Dalmata)
Nugal Beach, Macarsca (Makarska) 4.5 /5.0 (545)

Nugal Beach

Macarsca (Makarska), Spalatino-dalmata (Dalmazia)
Spiaggia Ovrata, Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 4.6 /5.0 (360)

Spiaggia Ovrata

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Ragusa (Croazia) (Raguseo-Narentana)
Spiaggia Banje, Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 4.2 /5.0 (1322)

Spiaggia Banje

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Ragusa (Croazia) (Raguseo-Narentana)
Spiaggia Sveti Jakov, Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 4.5 /5.0 (1330)

Spiaggia Sveti Jakov

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Ragusa (Croazia) (Raguseo-Narentana)
Srebreno Beach, Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 4.4 /5.0 (481)

Srebreno Beach

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Ragusa (Croazia) (Raguseo-Narentana)

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast, is renowned for its diverse and picturesque beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches that Croatia has to offer:

Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), Brač: Zlatni Rat is one of Croatia's most famous beaches, located on the island of Brač. The shape of this beach constantly changes due to tides and winds, giving it its unique crescent form. Crystal-clear water and fine pebble sands make Zlatni Rat a haven for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts.

Baška, Krk: Baška is a charming bay on the island of Krk, offering one of the longest pebble beaches in the Adriatic. Surrounding mountains and azure waters create a picturesque backdrop. This spot is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach and also boasts numerous cafes and restaurants along the promenade.

Sakarun, Dugi Otok: Sakarun Beach on the island of Dugi Otok stands out with its dazzling white sand and turquoise waters. Surrounded by a dense pine forest, this stretch of coastline provides an idyllic setting for nature lovers. The calm waters make Sakarun ideal for families.

Punta Rata, Brela: Situated on the Makarska Riviera, Punta Rata Beach impresses with its distinctive rocks and crystal-clear sea. The density of pine trees along the coast also offers shaded spots, perfect for a relaxed day under the sun.

Rajska Plaža (Paradise Beach), Rab: As the name suggests, Rajska Plaža on the island of Rab is a true paradise. The gently sloping sandy beach and clear water make it particularly suitable for families with children. The surrounding Mediterranean vegetation gives the beach a picturesque atmosphere.

These beaches represent only a small selection of the treasures that the Croatian coast has to offer. With their natural beauty and variety, they are perfect destinations for those wanting to fully enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance.

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