Lido di Bisceglie, Bisceglie 4.3 /5.0 (400)
Blue Flag beach

Lido di Bisceglie

Bisceglie, Bari (Puglia)
Baia di San Nicola, Peschici 4.4 /5.0 (260)
Blue Flag beach

Baia di San Nicola

Peschici, Foggia (Puglia)
Spiaggia della Commenda, Maruggio 4.6 /5.0 (40)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia della Commenda

Maruggio, Taranto (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Porto Selvaggio, Nardò 4.6 /5.0 (3611)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Porto Selvaggio

Nardò, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Torre San Giovanni, Ugento 4.5 /5.0 (880)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Torre San Giovanni

Ugento, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Torre Specchia, Melendugno 4.3 /5.0 (74)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Torre Specchia

Melendugno, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Ginosa, Ginosa 4.3 /5.0 (1170)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Ginosa

Ginosa, Taranto (Puglia)
Spiaggia Mezzaluna, Carovigno 4.1 /5.0 (78)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia Mezzaluna

Carovigno, Brindisi (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Castellaneta Marina, Castellaneta 4.4 /5.0 (1411)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Castellaneta Marina

Castellaneta, Taranto (Puglia)
Spiaggia di San Foca, Melendugno 4.1 /5.0 (450)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di San Foca

Melendugno, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Sant'Isidoro, Nardò 4.2 /5.0 (3950)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Sant'Isidoro

Nardò, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Pescoluse, Salve 4.3 /5.0 (7500)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Pescoluse

Salve, Lecce (Puglia)
Spiaggia di Torre Canne, Fasano 3.9 /5.0 (3750)
Blue Flag beach

Spiaggia di Torre Canne

Fasano, Lecce (Puglia)
Lido Morelli, Ostuni 4 /5.0 (2350)
Blue Flag beach

Lido Morelli

Ostuni, Brindisi (Puglia)

Apulia Beaches

Discover Apulia and its best beaches

Puglia is a region in southern Italy renowned for its unique scenic beauty. The region is characterized by a long coastline that stretches for over 800 km, with a wide variety of beaches ranging from sandy to entirely rocky, extending from Gargano to the Salento region. The coastline also harbours the famous Alberobello caves and the Valle d'Itria, famous for its trulli.

In the inland part of the region, one can admire verdant hills and stretches of olive groves that have been cultivated for centuries and have become a symbol of Puglia. These hills are ideal for walks and excursions, thanks to the breathtaking panoramic views they offer of the surrounding countryside.

Puglia is also famous for its ancient villages, such as Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, and Locorotondo, where one can immerse oneself in the culture and history of the region. These villages are characterized by narrow cobblestone streets, white stone houses, and terracotta roofs, offering an authentic experience of the local life of the region. The Puglian coastlines are often compared to real paradises on earth, thanks to the crystal-clear waters that reveal rich seabeds and breathtaking landscapes that are as diverse as they are extraordinary. Depending on the location, they overlook the Adriatic or Ionian Sea.

The beaches of Gargano, the peninsula located in the north of the region, are famous for their coarse sand, such as in the celebrated cases of the beaches of Vieste or Mattinata.
On the Ionian coast, there are mostly very suggestive rocky beaches, such as Porto Selvaggio in Nardò, with some bays reachable only by boat. An exception is the famous Punta Prosciutto beach in Porto Cesareo, where the clear and fine sand slopes gently into the sea and is therefore very popular.

For those who love wild and unspoiled beaches, far from the most crowded holiday resorts, the Spiaggia di Torre Vado is an example, located in Salento and surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, which offers a breathtaking panorama. In fact, the area is known as the Maldives of Salento and extends for 6 km from S. Maria di Leuca to Gallipoli, where the beating heart of these tropical environments is located halfway: the small and picturesque town of Pescoluse.

With 18 Blue Flag awarded beaches, Puglia is ideal for your vacations.

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