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Campania is an Italian region located in southern Italy, characterized by a wide range of landscapes, from imposing mountains to fertile plains, from lush green hills to long sandy coasts. It is impossible not to mention the role played by Mount Vesuvius in Campania, where it dominates the city of Naples and has always inspired and attracted travelers and artists of all kinds. Vesuvius is famous for its volcanic activity and breathtaking panoramic views. It is possible to engage in various activities on the mountain, such as hiking and trekking.

The hills of Campania are one of the most attractive features of the region, with their vineyards and olive fields stretching to the horizon, but the same goes for the 500 km of coastline, renowned for its beauty, which joins the provinces of Caserta, Naples, and Salerno. The Campanian coast offers paradisiacal landscapes capable of satisfying any type of need: from sandy beaches to pebble beaches, from long stretches of sand to hidden bays, with several points where a wide variety of water activities are allowed.

Some of these beaches are just a few steps away from the city center, others are easily accessible by car, while the most hidden ones can only be discovered by sea or through steep and clinging cliffside stairs. The Amalfi Coast is probably the flagship of Campania since it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an exemplary representation of the Mediterranean landscape. Its small villages with an ancient atmosphere cover a great natural and cultural value, together with the famous Amalfi and Positano, luxury destinations known worldwide.
Even Sorrento is among the main attractions of exclusive tourism, with the beach of Bagni della Regina Giovanna: a real natural basin surrounded by still unspoiled nature, which houses the remains of an ancient Roman villa of great archaeological value.

Moreover, many beaches in the region have been awarded the Blue Flag recognition in recent years, thanks to the excellent quality of the waters that bathe them. As is well known, another pearl of the region (or rather pearls) is its islands: Procida, Capri, and Ischia are particularly popular among tourists, thanks to their pristine bays and incredible views, such as the view of the Faraglioni that can be enjoyed while taking a boat ride.
In short, the quantity of beaches to choose from is truly astonishing, as we assure you each one of them will be.

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